Reciprocating cryogenic pumps

VSAH range for air gases cylinder filling

Vacuum insulated reciprocating pump with cross head eccentric gear,
V belt transmission and Single speed / variable speed TEFC motor.


CO2/N2O integrated pumping system

Fully integrated pump / pump control system ready to install, Triplex plunger pump and V-belt drive

Filling modules

A comprehensive range of Manual and Semi-Automatic Filling modules encompassing, Gravimetric, Pressure Temperature and Mass Flow filling techniques, incorporating the latest technologies including; AiFill Control, Dynamic blending and Winter / Cold Fill.


  • The range -picoFill, uniFill, profiFill & packFill
  • 0 to 50Kg CO2/N2 Cylinder Filling
  • 0 to 1500Kg CO2/N2 Pack Filling
  • Fully integrated control system
  • Conforms to – as current
  • Integrated CO2 pump



  • Mono & Mixed Gases
  • Filling pressure to 450 bar
  • Integrated vacuum system
  • Proportional (actuated) “fine fill” control
  • O2 shock tested valves to 600 bar
  • AiFill – Integrated control system
  • Multi fill pressures


  • Mono & Mixed Gases
  • Filling pressures to 450 bar (settled)
  • Integrated vacuum system
  • Manual “fine fill” option
  • O2 shock tested valves to 600 bar
  • Skids & manifold
  • Fixed & mobile



Convex ambient air vaporisers

  • Ambient vaporisers on galvanised steel frame for ground mounting
  • Stainless steel pipe registers with aluminium fins
  • 2 way outlet connections – recess cone DN12
  • “Z” variant demountable (flat pack) for container transport
  • Design code: PED 97/23/EC (Category 1V, module G)  

Valves and manifolds


All valves have been adiabatically shock tested for use with O2 application by either BAM or CTE, to 420 bar for the MPG range and 600 bar for the HPG. All valves are cleaned for O2 service and assembled in our ISO 7 standard cleanroom.



Our modular construction provides for easy manifold configuration, including:

  • Fill / Vent / Vac options – for mono and mixtures filling, in manual, actuated and proportional control
  • Line safety Manifolds – Pressure and temperature monitoring and control
  • Pressure control modules

High Pressure Hoses

& Cylinder Connectors


A comprehensive range of high pressure flexible and ridged hoses catering for Industrial, Medical and Speciality Gases, Cryogenics & liquids. Our O2 range include integrated heat sinks and are adiabatically shock tested by either CTE or BAM.



Cylinder Connectors and Accessories

A comprehensive range of Cylinder Connectors covering BS341, NEVOC, DIN 477, CGA and others on request. In addition, we also offer a comprehensive range of:

  • Straight connectors
  • Heat sinks
  • Cylinder Manifolds

Filling stations conventional 

A flexible range of filling stations including fixed and mobile linear racks, standardised and bespoke platforms and pallet filling “top-boxes” complete with interlocked safety guarding, retractable hose assemblies, infrared heat probes and traffic light systems.

Linear racks & single cylinder:

  • Fixed and mobile linear racks
  • Single and multiple filling stations
  • Integrated control & analysis
  • Food grade & medical O2 filling
  • Modular / expandable


Top boxes / pallet filling:

  • Manual & actuated (electrical) safety guarding
  • Integrated hose & Cylinder connectors
  • “Spring balanced” adjustable hose assemblies
  • Individual hose isolation
  • Fully enclosed panels
  • Safety interlock with "traffic lights"
  • Infrared temperature control

Platforms / walkways:

  • Single and multiple stations
  • Integrated filling panels
  • Tailored to suit layout / space
  • Integrated temperature probes
  • Cylinder baskets


Filling stations application dedicated 

Dynamic blending 

  • Up to 3 components online mixing
  • Re blending of filled cylinders
  • Mass flow filling via proportional control


Winter fill

  • Bringing the “Winter to the summer”
  • Mobile or fixed “cold room”
  • Ambient temperature maintained
    @ 4 to 5 C
  • Vaporiser liquid by-pass (liquid injection) in parallel


  • Containerised Filling System – including pumps, vaporisers & liquid vessels
  • Containerised Gas generations systems
  • Containerised pressure reduction systems


Control & analysis

Our Intelligent Control techniques ensures maximum efficiency of your plant whist providing invaluable information and data back to your main control ERP.

Control systems

  • Based on Siemens S7 – platform
  • Flexible / expandable
  • Multi language – user language
  • Total plant control
  • Remote support & diagnostics
  • Integrated with site ERP




  • European Pharmacopeia Compliant
  • Batch or continuous
  • O2, H2, CO2, CO, Ar, N2 +++
  • Gas detection
    - Portable / Hand held
    - Bench mounted 19” rack
    - Standalone / Integrated in Filling System

Pump control

  • Single, Dual & Variable speed pumps
  • Integrated with line safety manifolds
    (Pressure / Temperature)
  • Integrated, standalone or part of AiFill