Filltech is a European-leading German engineering and manufacturing company, designing, developing and selling filling solutions for the gas industry and expanding rapidly on a world-wide level.

Through the years Filltech has been developing innovative and cost-effective filling solutions for the transfer, vaporisation and conditioning of industrial, medical food & beverage and special gases. Operating on a worldwide sector Filltech's gas filling stations can be found in filling operations of all tier 1 gas producers of the medical, industrial, special & food gas sector.

Product range:

  • Standard Filling Stations: a compact and mobile solution for almost every cylinder
  • Advanced Filling Stations: highly flexible filling solution with a pre-programmed filling process
  • Automatic Filling Station: fully automated gas filling solutions for the medical, consumer, industrial and special gas industry
  • Pump Systems: easy-to-implement pumping solutions for liquid CO2 and other high vapor liquids
  • Accessories: The complete portfolio of components necessaryfor a gas cylinder filling plant


Filltech GmbH
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34414 Warburg

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