CO2 SODA Stream Cylinder Filling

CO2 SODA Stream Cylinder Filling

Integrated CO2 Soda stream Cylinder Filling module.

Our 4 point integrated module fills by scale and metering device thus ensuring accurate filled mass.

Filling station features;

Our CO2 Cylinder Filling Modules system is built on a single frame skid mounted including the control cabin. Control system Siemens PLC with HMI for parameter and operation overview. Each Fill head equipped with:

  • Loadcell legal
  • Fill, Vent valve, pressure transmitter
  • Working pressure: 70 Bar
  • Test pressure: 110 Bar
  • 4 adaptors (one for each filling head) are included to be used for filling special cylinders.

Typical Cylinder specification (others available):

Volume 0,6 lt

  • Tare Weight approx: 800 g.
  • Fill Weight: 425 g (+25 g / -13 g).
  • Diameter: 60 mm +/- 0,5 mm
  • Length: 360 mm +/- 10 mm

Valve types:

  • Standard Soda Valve ACME Thread TR 21 x 3,5
  • Soda stream Valve Type N / Penguin / Disc Type

Typical process steps:

Example Unit for our CO2 SODA Stream Cylinder Filling system consists of 4 off fill heads manually loaded by operator. After closing safety shield filling process starts automatically.

Process steps:

  • Cylinder clamp.
  • Check for residual pressure.
  • Flush with CO2 by time (Optional, just open fill valve for time x).
  • Cylinder vent.
  • Tare check (weight must be in a range).
  • Fill cylinder by weight.
  • Final weight check.
  • Vent or re-dose in case of over / under filling.
  • Unlock safety shield.
  • Load on the side head for leak test.
  • Press leak test start push button.
  • Leak test green, removes the cylinder

Production capacity (4 bay module): Circa 250 pcs per hour