Solutions for Industrial, Medical, Speciality and Refrigerant gas & liquid filling , in both mono & mixtures, including flammable;

  • Cryogenic pumps
  • Vaporisers
  • Line safety manifolds
  • Filling modules
  • Filling station
  • Valves & Manifolds
  • Hoses and connectors
  • CO2 / N20 Filling and pumping modules

Cryogenic Pumps

  • Reciprocating Pumps for Industrial Gas Filling systems comprising;
    • Flow rates to 27 ltrs/min
    • Pressure range to 420 working
    • Low NPSH < 1 m @ 200 min-1 (N2 liquid, -196°C)
    • Integrated skid design, including all required instruments
    • Single, dual and variable speed designs
    • Single, dual and variable speed pump control panels
  • Process pumps
  • High Capacity pumps
  • Pumps for explosion hazard area

Cryogenic Valves

Shut off valves for Oxygen and Inert cryogenic liquids and gases;

  • Manual, Pneumatic and Electrical actuation
  • 20 bar operating pressure (higher on request)
  • DN10 to DN40

Vaporisers and Heaters

We design and manufacture gas heaters and vaporisers for all types of industrial gases, including flammable, explosive and corrosive media. In addition to devices that are heated by extracting thermal energy from the environment or industrial waste water, IGPH also offers heater and vaporiser systems with integrated heating that use secondary energy sources.

Available options:

  • Flow rates to 30,000Nm3/hr
  • Ambient Air Heat Exchangers
  • Gas or Oil fired heater units
  • Electric vaporisers and Gas heaters
  • Vaporisers heated by recovered energy or steam

What makes IGPH heat exchanger systems stand out?

  • Excellent reliability,
  • Easy-to-manage control features with constant gas exit temperatures
  • Minimal maintenance requirements

Line Safety manifolds

The purpose of this unit is to protect the downstream system from damaging particles, excess pressures and cold temperatures ex the vaporiser. This also includes the control of the online buffer system, designed for thermal expansion, pump over-run and additionally capacity for productivity gains.

Filling modules

  • Component valves, manifolds, wall mounted racks and floor standing skids
  • Manual, automatic, gravimetric, mass flow, reference cylinder and dynamic blending filling.
  • Fixed or mobile (containerised) plant
  • Integrated AiFill Control System
  • Industrial, Medical, Speciality & Refrigerant filling
  • Oxidant and flammable filling
  • Mono and mixed gases filling
  • Cold Fill vaporiser bypass “bringing the Winter to the Summer”
  • Up to 450 bar settled pressure (600 bar design) filling

Filling stations

  • Fixed and mobile cylinder racks
  • Cylinder pallet station top boxes with both manual and actuated safety interlocked guarding, fixed and actuated hose assembly manifolds and counterbalanced hose extend and retraction systems
  • Single cylinder & pack gravimetric systems
  • Bundle / pack filling stations
  • Trolleys
  • Conveyor systems

Valves and Manifolds

A complete range of high pressure valves and valve manifolds for use with Cylinder Filling and Gas supply systems;

  • DN03, 04, 08 & 12
  • Manual, automatic and proportional actuation / control
  • Filters, check valves, filter/check valves, particle traps, isolation valves and proportional valves
  • Fully integrated manifold assemblies – “plug and play”
  • 420 and 600 bar designs
  • All valve products are adiabatically shock tested for O2 service
  • All products assembled and tested in ISO 7 Clean room
  • Complete range approved and used by all tier one gas producers

Hoses and Cylinder Connectors


  • Standard Fill / Supply / Decant hoses; DN6 DN10 DN12
  • Tanker hoses; DN25 – DN50 (Low pressure)


  • ISO 10380 – Corrugated metal hoses & hose assemblies
  • ISO 14113 – Rubber & Plastic hoses for Industrial gases to 450 bar
  • ISO 1402 – Hydrostatic testing
  • ISO 1746 – Bend testing
  • ISO 4080 – Determination of permeability
  • ISO 7751 – Ratio of proof and burst pressure to D.P.
  • ISO 6803 – Pressure impulses = 150,000.

Working Pressures

  • 450 Bar+


  • Stainless Stee, PTFE, PFA, Tefzel, Polymeric, Synthetic, Rubber & Metallic


  • Industrial, medical & specialty gases, cryogenics, liquids and Steam

Safety features

  • Adiabatic shock tested for 02 applications
  • Integral & external heatsinks
  • Tow-away & incorporated swivel features

CO2 / N20 Gravimetric Filling Modules

  • Integrated cylinder and pack filling modules;
    • picoFill – 20g to 4kg fill weight
    • uniFill – 5 to 50kg fill weight
    • packFill to 3000kg fill weight
  • Legal for trade
  • Automatic fill
  • Intergrated;
    • tare weight control
    • vacuum system
    • top filling option

CO2 / N20 Integrated pump skid

Integrated CO2 / N20 Pump skid, comprising;

  • Automatic start / stop cycle
  • Working pressure (max) 120 bar
  • Discharge pressure 40 to 110 bar
  • Flow rate 150 to 1500Kg/hr
  • Integrated PLC control
  • Ring or Sublines
  • Complete system ready for installation and commissioning
  • Ethernet connection for remote support