There’s nothing more powerful than a satisfied customer explaining the features and benefits of an IGPH Group Cylinder Filling plant solution.

That’s exactly what the UAB Gaschema – Lithuania team did during a recent visit to their plant with a new potential client.

The UAB plant, which is a true IGPH part turnkey solution includes;

  • Krytem GmBH – Cryogenic pumps, ambient vaporisers, electric trim heaters and CO2 Water bath heater
  • mtech GmbH automatic filling modules, filling stations and line safety manifolds
  • Aeroflex Hose & Engineering Ltd hoses and cylinder conectors
  • IGAS Technology Solutions – Plant engineering, design, installation management, commissioning, training and through life support

The net result of the meeting was;

  • The new “potential” client became a “client” for a new filling plant in Poland.
  • UAB Gaschema and the new client found they had a number of synergies, resulting in opportunities to work together. A “win – win” scenario