Oxygen service adiabatic shock tested valves

Oxygen service adiabatic shock tested valves

IGPH Group member m-tech GmbH manufacture a complete range of Oxygen service adiabatic shock tested valves for use in oxygen and oxygen mixtures cylinder filling and supply system.

The current Oxygen service adiabatic shock tested valves range comprises DN03 and DN12 valves, including manual, actuated and proportional control isolation valves, check valves, filters and particle traps

Our MPG series are shock tested to 420 bar (6,000 PSI) and HPG range to 600 bar (8,700 PSI).

All valves are manufactured, (assembled and tested) in our ISO 7 cleanroom, thus ensuring the highest levels of cleanliness – a very important point when working in high pressure oxygen applications.

Our valves are available as individual valves, standard and bespoke manifold systems or integrated within our standard range of mono gas or mixtures gases filling modules / skids, or again, bespoke designs to suit our clients specific needs.

m-tech GmbH are recognised globally within the packaged gases sector as the leaders in the field of Oxygen service adiabatic shock tested valves, which deliver;

  • High levels of safety
  • Reliability
  • Extended life between recommended service interval – normally 50,000 cycles or 5 years between routine servicing.

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IGPH Ltd (Industrial Gas Projects House), comprising iGas Technology Solutions, m-tech GmbH, Filltech GmbH, Aeroflex and Krytem GmbH are European designers and manufactures of Cylinder Filling and Gas Solutions.

Each member of IGPH brings elements of the total solution which can be integrated into a total turnkey plant solution or provided as standalone equipment.

Applications served and expertise provided includes;

  • Turnkey plant (process, mechanical and electrical) design & engineering
  • Manufacture and installation (globally)
  • Industrial, Medical, Speciality Gas and Refrigerant Cylinder Filling Solutions
  • Mono and mixture gases cylinder filling solutions
  • Cryogenic equipment and cylinder filling solutions
  • Trailer filling and decanting system
  • Gas generation systems
  • Pressure reduction and gas supply systems
  • CO2 recovery, liquefaction and filling solutions
  • Fixed and mobile (containerised) plant
  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic plant