Containerised Cylinder Filling Solutions

Many of our clients are moving towards Containerised Cylinder Filling Solutions. This approach provides them with a cost effective “start-up” package and provides flexibility.

Our Containerised Cylinder Filling solutions are available in many forms;

  • Manual
  • Automatic
  • Pressure / temperature compensated filling technique
  • Gravimetric filling technique
  • Cylinder filling containers including filling modules, vacuum systems, filling stations and analysis
  • Containerised Gas supply System, including cryogenic pumps, pump panels, vaporisers, heaters and safety panels
  • Containerised pressure control systems include pressure reduction / control, electric heaters, slam shut safety and proportional pressure / flow control.
  • All gases catered for; Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen, Helium, CO2, Hydrogen, CH4 etc

The scope of each project is varied to suit our clients’ exacting needs, generally this includes.

  • Project management
  • Process and M&E engineering & design
  • Safety Requirement Specification to comply with IEC61511
  • Factory acceptance testing (FAT)
  • Installation management
  • Commissioning and training
  • Remote support

Whilst we have a range of standard solutions, the equipment included varies, again depending on the client needs. Typical equipment includes.

  • Cryogenic reciprocating pumps
  • Ambient vaporisers
  • Line safety panels
  • Filling modules – mono & mixtures gases, manual or automatic
  • Vacuum systems
  • CO2 and Refrigerant gravimetric filling modules
  • Pallet, Linear rack, Trolley and Bundle filling stations
  • High pressure hoses and cylinder connectors
  • Oxidant or Flammable filling

 Why IGPH?

  • Fast, reliable designs and installation
  • Expertise in packaged gases turnkey solutions – one stop shop
  • Expertise and quality of products (IGPH Group members)
  • Flexibility of approach
  • Easy to work with and responsive
  • Lowest lifetime costs


IGPH Ltd (Industrial Gas Projects House), comprising iGas Technology Solutions, m-tech GmbH, Filltech GmbH, Aeroflex and Krytem GmbH are European designers and manufactures of Cylinder Filling and Gas Solutions.

Each member of IGPH brings elements of the total solution which can be integrated into a total turnkey plant solution or provided as standalone equipment.

Applications served and expertise provided includes.

  • Turnkey plant (process, mechanical and electrical) design & engineering
  • Manufacture and installation (globally)
  • Industrial, Medical, Speciality Gas and Refrigerant Cylinder Filling Solutions
  • Mono and mixture gases cylinder filling solutions
  • Cryogenic equipment and cylinder filling solutions
  • Trailer filling and decanting system
  • Gas generation systems
  • Pressure reduction and gas supply systems
  • CO2 recovery, liquefaction and filling solutions
  • Fixed and mobile (containerised) plant

Manual, semi-automatic and automatic plant

Category :

Cylinder Filling

Date :

March 25, 2020